Webinar on electricity brings together professionals from the stone production sector

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With support from the Forum + Negócios and the Support Center for Unions, from Findes, Centrorochas and Sindirochas held on Monday, April 27, the virtual seminar “Electric Energy – how to reduce costs? Contracted demand and free market contracts: analyzes and alternatives”.

During the event, which brought together around 80 participants in the virtual room, practices for reducing costs and evaluating the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on commercialization contracts in the free energy market and contracted demand with distributors were discussed.

At the opening, the president of Centrorochas, Frederico Robison, highlighted the importance of the theme. “The energy sector is of great concern to us at the moment, as we have most companies under contracted demand and free market, governed by contracts, requiring attention and correct management in order to avoid immediate and future problems”, he warned.

The presentation of the panelists continued with mediation by the manager of the Forum + Business Program, Durval Freitas. The member of the Findes Infrastructure Thematic Council – COINFRA, Carlos Sena, made a general presentation on the subject, highlighting the complexity and importance of the electricity sector in the industrial sector. “The opportunities indicate that greater management is needed to deal with this special moment. It is not up to the entrepreneur to act thoughtlessly. He needs to extract the best of the crisis, seeking excellence in cost management, ”he advised.

Fiemg’s energy executive advisor, Tânia Mara Santos, presented the actions that the federation of Minas Gerais industries has taken to reduce the energy costs of industries. “The path of negotiation is the best solution. We are waiting for Aneel’s resolution on the contracted demand, which should come out in the next few days”, she said. Waldemiro Marconsin Junior, owner of Elétrica Marconsin, addressed operational, technical and commercial issues on the subject. “The best way is to negotiate and evaluate the different commercial alternatives”.

In the legal approach, the lawyer Amanda Alves Carvalho, from the David & Athayde Advogados office, highlighted some points presented by the consultation carried out by Sindirochas and Centrorochas, among its associates, on the contracted demands and contracts in the free market of electric energy in the productive sector. “The survey also points out that, in the next three months, 64% of companies foresee a drop in monthly energy consumption between 25% and 75%”, he highlighted and warned that the first path to be followed by industries should always be that of extra negotiation -judicial, due to the high values of the processes and delay in the conclusion period.

After the presentation of the panelists, the executive of Sindirochas and Centrorochas, Celmo de Freitas, mediated the moment of chat between the participants and the guests, having at the end expressed the understanding regarding the importance of weighting and seeking negotiation, but being given the scenario in which we find ourselves, all remedies must be evaluated, it is also necessary to think about the cash flow of companies in the sector, which is why entities evaluate alternatives to be adopted.

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