About Us

Centro Brasileiro dos Exportadores de Pedras Ornamentais (Centrorochas, Brazilian Center of Ornamental Stones Exporters) is a national entity managed by the entrepreneurs themselves, focused on business and corporate activities in the international market, which seeks to work on collective issues, encourage exports and reduce bureaucracy in the marble segment and granite.

Founded in 2004, in Vitória, capital of the State of Espírito Santo, the largest exporter of ornamental stones in Brazil, Centrorochas acts directly in the procedures related to the presence of Brazilian businessmen abroad, as well as with the international visibility of national products in the international market, combined with commercial and operational activities related to the development of the stone sector in the Brazilian market.


The entity works with the objective of spreading the cooperative spirit in the sector, reaching micro, small, medium and large export businessmen in the country. Centrorochas carries a history of growing evolution, becoming increasingly stronger and consolidating itself with the success of several areas of activity:

• Analysis and monitoring of export volume;

• Collective negotiations with service providers in the export area, seeking to reduce costs;

• Guidelines regarding taxation in the export sector;

• Continuous evolution in the national logistics area. In Espírito Santo, where the logistical process is more critical, it develops several projects in partnership with entities: Sindirochas, Cetemag, Anpo, Sindiex, Vitória Coffee Trade Center, among others;

• Continuous evolution in the national mining area. Expertise in the Mining Regulatory Framework, CFEM, in the development of the National Mining Agency, in the licensing regime for the inclusion of dimension stones, among others.

• Representation of the exporter in all state and federal agencies (working with the federal bench, ministries of Finance, Development and Transport), aiming to identify the bottlenecks in the sector, which prevent, hinder or make the export of ornamental stones too costly;

• Monitoring and critical analysis of opportunities and threats in the stone sector worldwide;

• Participation in international fairs and business missions in countries that consume the most ornamental stones;

• Promotion of dimension stones in the international market.

All of Centrorochas’ actions are focused on the development of Brazilian stone exporting companies and are shared with its associates in a transparent and clear manner.


Tales Machado


Owner of Magban

Fabio Cruz

Vice President

Owner CRUZZTO Surfaces

Celmo de Freitas

Executive Director



Adael de Oliveira

Itinga Mineração

Adriano Duarte

Imetame Pedras Naturais

Célio Guerra

Levantina Natural Stone

Daniel Salume

Brothers Mármores e Granitos

Ed Martins André

Angramar Granitos e Mármores

Eutemar Venturim


Frederico Robison

Marbrasa Mármores e Granitos

Gabriel Cabeza

Calafúria Mineração

Leonardo Tatagiba

Granito Zucchi

Luca Burlamacchi

Decolores Mármores e Granitos

Ricardo Schevz

Brasigran Brasileira de Granitos

Valdecyr Viguini

Cajugran Granitos e Mármores


Armando Sequeira de Sousa


Fernando da Paz

C. Fernando R. da Paz

Gedson Campos Guerra

Rocha Bahia Mineração

Josy Loss de Andrade

Andrade Indústria e Comércio de Mármores e Granitos

Marcel Fiório

Marcel Mármore Comércio e Exportação

Marcelo Araújo

Amagran Importação e Exportação

Maxwell Viquietti Alcântara

Pettrus Mineração e Comércio

Rodrigo Scaramussa

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Sérgio Frossard

CS3 Mármores e Granitos

Walter Borges da Hora Jr.

Margramar Granitos