Tax Deliberative Council debates charging exporters fees and other amounts

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  • 18 February 2022
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  • Tax Deliberative Council debates charging exporters fees and other amounts

With an ongoing lawsuit regarding the collection of scanning fees and a civil inquiry pending before the Espírito Santo Public Prosecutor’s Office, Centrorochas has been closely monitoring the movements regarding extra fees charged to exporters in the State. During a meeting of the Fiscal Deliberative Council, held this Friday, February 18, the group widely debated the issue and defined the next steps to be taken in order to preserve the good course of commercial practice.


During the meeting, the directors defined the monthly fee table according to the category of members. To meet:


– Effective Member: All companies that participate in the economic activity of exporting ornamental stones, once the statutory and normative requirements are met, may be admitted to the membership, in the category of effective member;

– Institutional Associate: In order to better achieve its objective of representing and assisting the entire class of Brazilian ornamental stone exporters, reaching the greatest possible number of associated and represented members, Federations, Unions, Associations and other representative bodies of the class, which have among its associates, companies that export ornamental stones may join the entity in the institutional associate category;

– Special Members: Companies whose activity is mining, industry or the trade of ornamental stones that intend to export their products, but which effectively do not yet carry out export operations, may be admitted to the category of Special Member for a period of two years, term in which they will have to make the export of their products feasible, even counting on the help of Centrorochas;

– Collaborating associates: Companies, organizations or associations that work in related activities and with confluent interests may also be admitted as collaborating associates.


The meeting was led by the president of the entity, Tales Machado, the vice president, Fabio Cruz, and the executive director, Celmo de Freitas.