Industry leaders discuss issues of the licensing regime in a meeting with ANM

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This Thursday, April 30, the presidents of Centrorochas and Sindirochas, respectively, Frederico Robison and Tales Machado, participated in a videoconference with directors of the National Mining Agency (ANM) to discuss important issues of the licensing regime in the stone sector . The meeting was articulated by the Federal Deputy, Coordinator of the Capixaba Federal Bench and Coordinator of Extraction and Processing of Ornamental Stones of the Mixed Parliamentary Front for Mining, Josias Da Vitória, in response to a request from the two entities of the productive arrangement.

At the opening, Da Vitória reinforced that he is available to the sector and that his mandate aims to establish dialogue between the parties. “The technical debate is up to the entities and their partners. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ANM for its welcome. Your participation is essential for shortening the distance between the parties”. In their speeches, Frederico Robison and Tales Machado reinforced the federal deputy’s support for the sector’s demands and ANM’s availability for constant debates. The agenda is part of the priority items being worked on by the entities and has the support of COMIN/CNI and the Secretariat of Geology and Mining/MME, which is why the sector thanks President Sandro Mabel and Secretary Alexandre Vidigal.

From the regulatory agency, advisor Ricardo Parahyba, representative of the director general of the agency, Victor Hugo Bica; director Tomás de Paula Pessoa, who provided a regulatory approach to the licensing regime, and director Débora Puccini, who explained the technical issues of the process.

At the meeting, professionals from the technical and legal areas who provide advice to companies in the sector were able to expose concerns regarding understandings that have been circulating about possibilities and obstacles facing the option for the licensing regime for the extraction of dimension stones. The return given by the ANM was very promising, with measures being indicated to be implemented in the short term.

Mining Plan

Director Débora took the opportunity to report on the Lavra Plan (or Pró-Lavra, as it is also being called) which should be launched in the first half of May. It contemplates a series of measures to accelerate mining activities. “It is nothing more than simplifying what is viable. One of the points addressed by the plan is the disassociation of the inspection as a condition for the release of the final research report and granting of a user guide”, he adds and adds that the release of the online research application is scheduled for the beginning of June, which will speed up even more plus mining analyses.

Sonia Greco, Igor Bolzan, Olivia Tirello and Rogério Ribeiro; in addition to Sindirochas’ lawyer and legal advisor, Victor Athayde; and Deputy Da Vitória’s advisor, Jamilton, formed the technical body participating in the online meeting.