Experts detail taxation and logistics processes in foreign trade operations during webinar

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  • 26 November 2020
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  • Experts detail taxation and logistics processes in foreign trade operations during webinar

Representatives of more than 70 companies, linked to foreign trade in Espírito Santo, participated in the online seminar held this Wednesday, November 25, by Centrorochas and Sindirochas, with institutional support from Sindiex and HLL Advogados. The event addressed strategic foreign trade issues: customs drawback regime, state incentive programs, customs compliance and AEO certification.

At the opening, the superintendent of Centrorochas, Alessandra Bertolani, highlighted the entity’s concern in producing relevant content for companies. The Sindirochas and Centrorochas executive, Celmo de Freitas, completed by reinforcing the partnership between the two entities in the ornamental stone sector that have been working in line with the generation of content and development of the segment. The president of Sindiex, Sidemar Acosta, highlighted the institutional work of exporting companies in Espírito Santo in partnership with various entities, including Centrorochas and Sindirochas. “We work together in favor of foreign trade in Espírito Santo”.

Incentive and drawback programs

Divided into two panels, the event had a team of experts to detail each subject. In the first part, panelist André Luiz Rosa, tax auditor of the State Revenue Service of Espírito Santo, presented the legal aspects of the investment incentive programs in the State (ICMS, Compete and Investe). He reinforced that the local government offers a direct channel for clarifying doubts. “The way to get answers to individual questions regarding the programs is through a tax consultation. The state has 30 days to respond.

Representing the two entities in the ornamental stone sector, Míryam Paschke, a business specialist at the Guidoni Group, explained about the drawback customs regime, a regime that represents a significant gain in competitiveness for exporting companies. She even gave tips to companies regarding the use of the regime.

Lawyer Lígia Barroso Fabri mediated between the speakers and the public who could interact through the chat.

OAS certification and customs compliance,

The second panel began with a presentation by panelist Rinaldi Boassi, tax auditor at the Federal Revenue of Brazil and head of the OAS Team at Customs in Curitiba, who explained about the OEA Program (Authorized Economic Operator), certification granted by Customs. He highlighted the validation process and certification operation. “The company should not want to have the program, but to be an AEO. The OAS company will always try to carry out a control audit, reviewing its procedures and making the necessary adjustments”, he stressed.

The President of the Brazilian Association of Customs Studies (ABEAD) and lawyer, Fernando Pieri, reinforced the benefits for companies to enter the OAS program. “With regard to imports, all the companies I know were satisfied with the results of their work procedures. In exports, I highlight two: many importers question the security of the logistics chain, looking for an OAS company, the other is the possibility of customs clearance taking place at the premises of the authorized operator or at another place authorized by Customs”.

After the presentations, the lawyer Elisângela Oliveira mediated the interaction of the speakers with the manifestations received through the chat.

The virtual seminar “Strategic vision in Comex operations: taxation and logistics” was held by Centrorochas and Sindirochas and had institutional support from Sindiex and HLL Advogados.

To watch the live, click here!