Centrorochas starts structuring the entity’s intelligence sector

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Alongside the president of Centrorochas, Tales Machado, the project manager, Rogério Ribeiro, and the market intelligence coordinator, Luiz Gustavo Drumond, they began, on March 18, a survey of information on the structure of the intelligence sector.

The kickoff took place during a visit to the south of Espírito Santo, the Brazilian region that concentrates the largest number of companies by physical area. They visited Magban and CS3 companies, where they met with the companies’ commercial and international teams.

The objective of the market intelligence sector is to make Centrorochas a world reference in providing market information on the Brazilian ornamental stone sector. In addition to being a source for companies in the sector, the entity will be able to assist public and private bodies in studies on the sector. One of the planned actions is the development of studies of target countries. Surveys such as these may facilitate the entrepreneur’s routine when making more strategic decisions.