Working group seeks solutions and members are updated on measures adopted by TVV

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Centrorochas, Sindirochas, Sindiex, Vitória Coffee Trade Center, FINDES, Login and APRA, entities that make up the Foreign Trade Working Group (GT Comex), met on Tuesday, May 11, when, among other topics , there was an update by Login-TVV on the completed and ongoing measures that will help to circumvent the logistical obstacles presented recently.

Progress highlighted at the meeting:

1.       30 new employees have already been hired and trained, having started their activities on 05/10;

2.       Work by Álvares Cabral that TVV took over will be completed on 05/12. With this, it is expected that the Port Authority will release the night operation of the port, which will save time in operations;

3.       As of June, the Login Resiliente ship will make the Vitória x Rio de Janeiro connection, with the Pantanal Login remaining on the Vitória x Santos connection;

4.       In up to 15 days, another 400 slots must be released at TVV, as a result of the cargo handling they are doing;

5.       Next Sunday, 05/16, the ship Login Jatobá will carry out an extra-scheduled trip, reiterating that these extra operations will be maintained while the high demand lasts.

GT Comex aims to discuss the difficulties faced in the export and import processes in Espírito Santo, seeking short and medium term alternatives, in addition to seeking more definitive solutions for logistics infrastructure.

Among those who participated in the meeting were: Tales Machado (Sindirochas and Findes), Celmo de Freitas (Centrorochas and Sindirochas), Sidemar Acosta, Felipe Bonella and Minelli Ferraro (Sindiex), Ilson Hulle (Login-TVV), Márcio Ferreira and Sandro Rodrigues ( CCCV), Luciana Mattar (APRA).