Warming up for innovation marathon in the ornamental stone sector

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A realization of the Vitoria Stone Fair platform, the event brought the needs and challenges of the area to be explored at Ideastone

This Wednesday, the 11th, the warm-up pre-event for the 1st idea marathon of the country’s ornamental stone sector took place at the Espírito Santo Innovation Hub Base27.

The panel with the theme “Why and how to innovate in the ornamental stone sector?”, was mediated by Lucas Aragão (Head of Projects at Fluyd) and the participation of big names in the sector such as Flávia Milaneze (CEO of Milanez & Milaneze , the company that idealized and organized the event), Diogo Broetto (Head of Product at Milanez & Milaneze), Fabio Cruz (Vice-President of Centrorochas), Mariana Scaramussa (Commercial Director at Super Clássico Natural Stones), in addition to the collaboration of André Taveira ( Head of Strategy at Fluyd) and Máyra Belém (Marketing and Relationship Director at Base27), both highlighted in the area of shared innovation in the state.

Entrepreneurs, professionals from different sectors and students were able to understand and share the main challenges of the sector, envision ways to develop effective solutions that can, in fact, revolutionize this market and clarify their doubts about the Ideastone, which will take place at the end of the month.

One of the main points discussed in the evening was about the reasons that prevent innovation from entering the stone sector. According to Fabio Cruz, today there is a cultural barrier for companies to be open to new methodologies brought by startups, also opening up space for validations and new solutions. “I see that today there are a lot of people working with innovation and there should be a greater incentive to enter our segment more.”

“Being here today with people from our sector and, mainly, with people from outside our sector is already a transformation that makes me very happy”, completed Mariana Scaramussa. According to her, the task of changing the culture that comes from generations is difficult, in addition to the sector being very closed. “We need to open up and share more to reap change.”

For those who were unable to attend in person, the recording of the panel will be available on the Vitoria Stone Fair YouTube channel (https://bit.ly/VitóriaStoneFair) starting this Friday. A great opportunity to update yourself and create good ideas for participation in Ideastone.


Architects, designers, programmers, students and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to show their innovative ideas and also compete for R$ 5 thousand between the 27th and 29th of May, in the first edition of the Maratona de Ideias do Setor de Pedras Ornamentais do Brasil – Ideastone. The event is an initiative of Milanez & Milaneze – through Vitoria Stone Fair – co-organized by Base27, promoted by Centrorochas, Sindirochas and Cetemag, supported by Sebrae and sponsored by Nebrax.

Focused on the objective of taking advantage of the countless opportunities that ornamental stones offer and solving some of the main challenges of the sector, participants will have 54 hours to develop their ideas, being accompanied by the mentorship of important professionals. The most revolutionary and creative projects compete for prizes of up to R$5,000, participation in Sebrae’s Empretec, Sebraetec’s consultancies, up to 3 months of use of the B27 coworking space, a business mentoring program with Fluyd, the innovation studio responsible for execution of the ideathon, in addition to other prizes that can be seen on the event’s page.

This is the last week for registration, which can be done through the website: www.ideastone.com.br. The deadline ends on May 22, at 11:59 pm, and the ideas must meet one of the three guiding themes: customer experience and commercial intelligence; production optimization and inventory reduction; and new markets and products. Up to 60 people will be selected for the competition.


Ideastone – Base27

Date: May 27th to 29th, 2022

Information and registration: www.ideastone.com.br