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‘The Brazilian ornamental stone industry and the US market’ was the theme of the Stone Summit – episode 2 this Wednesday, July 22nd. The series of lives explored the challenges and opportunities in the eyes of important American buyers.

Held by Milanez & Milaneze, together with the sector entities Centrorochas and Sindirochas, the virtual event brought together a team of specialists in the American market: Rogério Antônio (director of operations at Arizona Tile), Ramon Oliveira (director of purchases at ASG Group), Rodrigo Pinheiro (operation manager in Brazil for five American companies: Emerstone, Spazio Marble, Vitoria Internacional, MGI and Cosmos Surfaces) and Mauro Silva (purchasing manager for Allure Natural Stone).

The four were unanimous in praising the diversity of Brazilian materials, the beauty and variety of the product mix. They also highlighted that Brazilian suppliers need to value their products by investing in marketing strategies aimed at the American market. Rogério and Mauro focused on the need for joint investment. “Brazil urgently needs to invest more in marketing, especially for quartzite, which is an exclusive product,” warned Rogério. “Companies need to come together to invest together and not just a small group, as everyone will benefit”, added Mauro.

Ramon added that the sector lacks a commercial strategy. “There is a lack of commercial strategy in the sales process. This work needs to start with the miner, who must know who his partners are in order to promote his material and maintain prices in the long and medium term. There must be a sales strategy, product launch, from the miner to the exporter. We already work with many variables throughout the process, such as the fluctuation of the dollar ”, he explained.


Responsible for the purchase and inspection operation of five American companies in Brazil, Rodrigo emphasized the importance of investing in the qualification of salespeople. “Companies will only have better results in their operations in the American market when product sellers in the United States absorb information about these materials. The main thing to evolve in sales and increase the volume of business is to evolve in the dissemination of this information. There are already companies doing this and they are taking the lead”, he warned and added that it is important that this information directly reach sellers and the final consumer.


With a strong presence in the American market, as a product supplier, the commercial director of Decolores, Gustavo Probst, also participated in this unprecedented debate and agreed with the buyers. “The importance of investment in marketing is unanimous. Every natural stone is unique and we need to develop a specific promotion work. Complete yet that, as important as marketing, is to review the commercial strategy, ”he said.


Among several points throughout the live, the president of Sindirochas, Tales Machado, asked that Brazilian companies listen to the request of buyers. “Companies need to unite and work together to enhance national products. Buyers were clear in their statements. It is up to us, businessmen and industry leaders, to do our homework”, he concluded.



Mediated by the director of Milanez & Milaneze, Flávia Milaneze, and following all health and safety standards, episode 2 of the Stone Summit was broadcast live from a studio set up in ‘Casa Urbana’, installed at the PBA Stones headquarters, located in municipality of Serra/ES. The company kindly provided the space, which has a beautiful kitchen lined with materials that represent the potential of Brazilian rocks for the foreign market.


About Stone Summit

The project was born with the aim of connecting opportunities and sharing important information and data from the ornamental stone market. The Stone Summit is an initiative of Milanez & Milaneze, organizers of Vitoria and Cachoeiro Stone Fair, together with the sector entities Sindirochas and Centrorochas and has the support of Cetemag, Rochativa, Simagran CE, SinRochas MG and Rochas Magazine. This second episode was sponsored by the Italian company Pedrini.

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