‘Stone Summit’ highlights the advantages and differentials of Brazilian natural rock in architecture

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  • 04 December 2020
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  • ‘Stone Summit’ highlights the advantages and differentials of Brazilian natural rock in architecture

United States, China, Italy, Mexico and Spain: just some of the countries where buyers of natural stones, from distribution companies to homeowners, consume a large portion of the dimension stones extracted and processed in Brazil. These stones, which differ from other building and architectural ‘commodities’ due to their geological formation (which confers spectacular resistance and unique beauty to the materials), generate revenues of more than US$ 1 billion in exports.

Despite the expressive export numbers, around ⅔ of the production is on Brazilian soil, being destined for all types of use: from the simplest and residential projects to large works, such as airports, shopping malls and various commercial buildings. However, when comparing the use of materials internationally and in the local market, it is not difficult to see the difference: abroad, Brazilian natural stone is more valued than locally.

Seeking to encourage dialogue between the stone sector and specifiers and, consequently, increase the demand for Brazilian ornamental stones locally, the ‘Stone Summit’, a platform for boosting and generating content for the stone sector created in July this year, holds its fifth episode. With the title ‘The strength of natural stone in architecture: Exclusivity, appreciation and sustainability in projects’, the live broadcast of the event will take place on Thursday, December 10th, at 4 pm, with the participation of architects and industries in the sector .

Renowned professionals were invited to the conversation, such as architect Vivian Coser, CEO, Architect and Urban Planner and Creative Director of Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados – who will mediate the event; the director of Studio MK27, Suzana Glogowski, the Head of Creation at IT’S Informov, Thaís Rosa, Ana Paula Barféty, Architect at Pettrus Mineração. Also participating in the event will be Renata Malenza, Marketing Director at Brasigran; and Ricardo Estuqui, CEO of Nobile Marmo.

Participation in the event is free and registration is now available through the website www.stonesummit.com.br

For the valorization of the national product

In recent years, with the emergence of new technologies for cutting and processing, in addition to the engagement and modernization of companies in relation to the sustainable management of materials, the advantages of using ornamental stones have become more evident for architecture professionals.

For architect Vivian Coser, one of the ambassadors of these materials in Brazil, working with dimension stones is a unique experience. At the head of the office Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados, the professional is a reference in the use of natural stones in architecture. “We are very passionate about this market and see no limits to our creations. It is, without a doubt, the raw material that we most love to work with”, she says.

One of Vivian’s offices is in Vitória/ES, capital of the largest producing state in Brazil. It is also in the capital of Espírito Santo that the International Marble and Granite Fair – Vitoria Stone Fair, takes place, an event that attracts visitors from all over the world to see the potential of Brazilian rocks up close.

Flávia Milaneze is the director of Milanez & Milaneze, the company that organizes the fair and also coordinates the ‘Stone Summit’ initiative. She says that the event intends to add value and knowledge to the relationship between the stone industry and specifiers, pointing out paths and possibilities to seek, once again, the appreciation of Brazilian natural stone. “The Stone Summit was born with the aim of promoting and valuing the use of Brazilian natural stones and that’s what we’ve been doing since the first episode, addressing topics and challenges relevant to the sector. In this context, we could not close the first season of the project without addressing the relationship between the sector and the specifiers, professionals capable of adding value and spreading, even more, the use of Brazilian natural stones. This conversation and rapprochement is very important”, she points out.

Vice-president of Centrorochas, representative entity of the ornamental stone industries in Brazil, Fabio Cruz also reinforces the importance of getting closer to architects. “It is an issue of extreme importance for the sector, as we know how much we need to advance in relationship and education of specifiers regarding our materials. But we are already looking for solutions, working to better serve these professionals, creating projects, educational content and initiatives such as the Stone Summit, with the aim of reducing the distance between our universe and that of architecture”, he points out.

The Stone Summit is an initiative of Milanez & Milaneze, organizer of the Vitoria Stone Fair and the Cachoeiro Stone Fair, together with the sector entities Sindirochas and Centrorochas and has the support of Simagran CE, SinRochas MG, Revista Rochas, Cetemag and Rochativa. The fifth episode also has the support of CAU/ES and sponsorship of Sebrae-ES and the Italian company Pedrini S.p.A.