State Secretary of Finance returns claims to the stone sector

On October 13, the Secretary of Finance of Espírito Santo, Marcelo Altoé, participated in a meeting with the presidents of Centrorochas and Sindirochas, Tales Machado and Ed Martins, and their advisors, to return the claims delivered by the segment in a meeting with the governor Renato Casagrande, in May of this year.

The plural agenda, with themes related to the areas of infrastructure, taxation and inspection, had a positive response from the secretary. Among them, greater speed in processes for recovering accumulated ICMS credits. Altoé explained that the regularization of the requests answered will soon be published in the Official State Gazette.

“We need to continue with this frank and open dialogue, as we have had”, celebrated the president of Sindirochas, Ed Martins. The union leader also asked for the folder’s attention regarding the speed of the processes. “It is important for the government to understand the speed that we businessmen need in decisions and actions. As a union, we will always be here to act in a republican way, for the benefit of the entire sector”, he concluded.

At the meeting, the councilors still had the opportunity to present new claims.