Stand in contemporary style marks the debut of It’s Natural and Centrorochas at Fortaleza Stone Fair

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  • 16 November 2022
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  • Stand in contemporary style marks the debut of It’s Natural and Centrorochas at Fortaleza Stone Fair

It was with a stand designed exclusively for the Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair 2022 and created by designer Araciene Pessin (Áquila Stone Design) that It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone and the Centro Brasileiro dos Exportadores de Pedras Ornamentais (Centrorochas) chose to mark their joint debut in this event. The space, which exalted Brazilian geodiversity, was developed with the aim of providing an atmosphere of appreciation of natural rocks and bringing furniture pieces in rocks cut in the waterjet system.

The 6th edition of the fair took place on November 9th and 11th, in Ceará, and celebrated the 100th anniversary of Brazilian natural stone. The event featured lectures by internationally recognized professionals. The It’s Natural manager, Rogério Ribeiro, presented himself on the first day of the event and had the opportunity to talk about the sectoral project (*) that promotes Brazilian rocks in the international market.

On the second day of the fair, the president of Centrorochas, Tales Machado, participated in the forum “Debating the sector in 2068”, together with the president of Simagran-CE, Carlos Rubens Alencar, and the international journalist Peter Becker. “The stone sector is very new and this shows all the opportunities that the segment still has ahead of it”, stated Tales.

Institutional Space

In the idealization of the space, the designer from Aquila Stone Designer pointed out that the objective was to work with rocks with different surface finishes and shapes. “We achieved this using the waterjet cutting system, highlighting the geological diversity of Brazil and the processing capacity of Brazilian industries today”, stressed Araciene.

With a contemporary style, the environment made use of a rich composition of different shades of materials in different surface finishes, with pagination on the walls and floor, showing all the versatility in the application of Brazilian rocks. Discover the materials used:

Avocatus – Exuberant exotic granite from Magban that refers to the colors present in the interior of the forests, with indescribable uniqueness and beauty. It was used on the coffee table in the room set up on the stand. Piece authored by designer Araciene Pessin, from Aquila Stone Design.

Cosmopolitan – Exotic quartzite from Mineração Lougon with reddish tones and translucent crystals arranged in unique movements that confer exclusivity to the project. It was applied to the meeting table, in a prominent position in the environment with an organic design inspired by the asymmetrical shapes of nature.

Gabana – Quartzite with a light tone from Santo Antônio that brings sophistication and the possibility of countless compositions, perfect for application in contemporary projects. It was applied to the internal walls in a paginated way, to show the versatility of Brazilian rocks, bringing harmony and elegance to the environment.

Madeirus – Amphibolite Rock by Magban, in brownish tones, with an incidence of countless lighter tones in movements that refer to a true work of art. A gift from nature that brings sophistication and personality to the environment, it was used on the external walls of the environment, as an invitation to appreciate the Brazilian geodiversity presented in the space.

Volcano – Exotic Granite by Gramobras Granitos, in a dark tone with movements that refer to the courses we observe in nature, brings the sensation advocated by biophilic design, of contact with nature, and the exclusivity that only ornamental rock guarantees. It was applied on the floor in a paginated way and on the brushed surface finish, to bring out all the exuberance of this sophisticated rock. It is also applied to support sideboards designed in the form of a plug-in, pieces by designer Araciene Pessin, from Aquila Stone Design.

(*) It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone, a project to promote Brazilian stones abroad, is in the contractual renewal phase between its executing entity, the Brazilian Center for Ornamental Stones Exporters (Centrorochas), and the Brazilian Promotion Agency of Exports and Investments (ApexBrasil). As a way of giving continuity to the segment’s image at an international level and maintaining the promotional actions initiated, this action is being carried out directly by Centrorochas.