MME makes room for contributions to the 2050 National Mining Plan

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The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) opens an online space to receive contributions from society, in order to support the preparation of the National Mining Plan 2050 (PNM 2050). The process is yet another step forward in the collaborative construction of the instrument that will establish the guidelines for Brazilian mining and guide the formulation of public policies over the next 28 years.

As a result of the need to review the PNM 2030, the preparation of the PNM 2050 inaugurates a new planning system for the Brazilian mineral sector. In addition to providing for the carrying out of evaluation and monitoring cycles of the Brazilian mineral policy, the new model will include the preparation of short-term operational plans, every five years, which will direct government action towards the fulfillment of long-term objectives.

For the process of collecting subsidies, the themes were divided according to the three new pillars of the Brazilian mineral policy: use of mineral resources; competitiveness and investments; and sustainable development.

Those interested in contributing to the long-term planning of the national mineral industry will be able to indicate what they consider the main challenges related to the sector and suggest actions to overcome them.

The forms can be answered as many times as you want. The deadline for responses ends on May 31.

Pillar 1 Form: Use of Mineral Resources

Pillar Form 2: Competitiveness and Investments

Pillar 3 Form: Sustainable Development