Members deliberate and Centrorochas will double its headquarters in Vitória and open a branch in Brasília

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On April 11, members of the Brazilian Center of Natural Stone Exporters (Centrorochas) participated in the association’s Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly. At the meeting, held in a hybrid format, Centrorochas’ finances and activities in 2023 were reviewed, the budget forecast for 2024 was presented, and the address of the administrative headquarters was changed. Another topic highlighted on the agenda was the opening of an office in Brasília. Approved unanimously, the initiative aims to strengthen the association’s political and strategic representation.

The assemblies were coordinated by the superintendent of Centrorochas, Giovanni Francischetto. At the beginning of the meeting, Tales Machado, the president of the association, thanked everyone for their presence and stressed the importance of joint action in the decision-making process. Check out the issues discussed:

Financial reporting for 2023

The financial activities for the 2023 financial year were presented, including income and expenses. The report, previously reviewed by the Financial Supervisory Board, was approved by the assembly.

Budget planning for 2024

The budget forecast for 2024 was presented, including expected revenues and expenses, as well as planned actions, such as the Meeting of Leaders, the celebration of Centrorochas’ 20th anniversary, the renewal of the agreement with ApexBrasil, and the certification of Brazilian products. The members approved the proposals that will be detailed to the Board in due course.

Change of headquarters

The change reflects the search for facilities that are more aligned with the operational and strategic needs of the association. The headquarters will leave the room currently used in the building Corporate Center, in the city of Vitória, to occupy a larger space in the building Elvecio Dadalto, also located on Avenue Nossa Senhora da Penha, in the capital of the state of Espírito Santo.

Opening of a branch in Brasília

The strategic measure aims to strengthen the representation of the sector, allowing the association to take more effective actions with government bodies, such as Agência Nacional de Mineração [National Mining Agency], Secretaria de Geologia, Mineração e Transformação Mineral [Secretariat of Geology, Mining, and Mineral Transformation], Confederação Nacional da Indústria [National Confederation of Industry], and ApexBrasil, the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

“Besides closer contact, a branch in Brasília will allow us to maintain an active sectorial schedule, enabling the development and defense of the interests of the natural stone industry at a national level,” said president Tales Machado. Stay up to date with Centrorochas’ upcoming news and actions by following our social networks and participating in events.