Meeting in Washington strengthens trade ties between Brazil, USA, and Canada

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  • Meeting in Washington strengthens trade ties between Brazil, USA, and Canada

On March 12th, Washington DC hosted a strategic meeting aimed at strengthening trade ties between Brazil, the United States, and Canada. Organized by the Brazilian Trade and Investments Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), in conjunction with the Ministry of Development, Industry, and Trade (MDIC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), the event brought together diplomatic representatives, ministers, and various strategic partners.

With the goal of stimulating the exchange of ideas and promoting foreign trade and investment attraction among the countries involved, the meeting provided a platform for various Brazilian entities to present their agendas. During the panels, Centrorochas stood out by highlighting the new chapter being written after a challenging period of stagnation in the Brazilian stone market, presenting its initiatives to the representatives of SECOMs, SECTECs, and Agricultural Attachés present.

“The Brazilian natural stone sector has experienced considerable growth in the last two decades, but had been experiencing stagnation in recent years, which required a renewed approach. Thanks to the support of ApexBrasil, in leading the sectorial project, Centrorochas is leading a rich internationalization work of companies as a strategy for revitalizing demand generation,” explained Fabio Cruz, vice president of the national association, during the event. The revolutionary project, which aims to establish ties with designers and architects around the world, represents a new era of global opportunities for the sector.

The strategic importance of partnerships between Brazilian entities was reinforced by the presence of the Brazilian Ambassador in Washington, Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti, along with Jorge Viana, president of ApexBrasil; Ana Paula Repezza, business director; Maria Paula Veloso, industry and services manager; and other Brazilian diplomatic representatives. The event reinforced this strategic importance, contributing to the sustainable economic development of Brazil, the United States, and Canada.