Logistics: businessmen from the stone sector visit work on the breakwater at Porto da Imetame

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At the invitation of the founder and president of the Imetame Group, Ettore Cavalieri, around 15 entrepreneurs from the national ornamental stone sector were the first to visit the future breakwater and the installation works of the Imetame Porto Aracruz. In addition to the businessmen, the group included federal deputy Evair de Melo, the presidents of Centrorochas and Sindirochas, Tales Machado and Ed Martins, respectively, and the executive director of both entities, Celmo de Freitas.

Expected to be delivered at the end of 2024, the port complex is modeled to serve the most diverse sectors in the loading and unloading of containers, general cargo, among them, dimension stones, vehicles, project cargo, solid, liquid and gaseous bulk, and offshore support. With more than 1 million m² of total area, the terminal will have an initial infrastructure to handle 300,000 containers per year, already configured for area expansion and annual handling of 1 million containers at full operational capacity.

Prepared to meet the new generation of ships

With a depth of 17 meters, the Imetame Porto Aracruz will be an excellent operational option for the long haul lines that operate with large ships in Brazil, being prepared to serve container ships, such as the New Post Panamax with 366 meters in length. The depth of the terminal will allow container ships to enter and leave the port fully loaded, which is not possible in several national port terminals. Offering a new dynamic in the logistic chain in maritime transport, the port complex will also be able to receive Suezmax and Capesize ships. And in a later dredging phase, reaching a depth of 25 meters, the VLCC.

“There are some bottlenecks that prevent further expansion of the Brazilian ornamental stone sector, the logistical issue is one of the most sensitive. Espírito Santo, the largest exporting state in the country (which in 2021 was responsible for 83.3% of all rocks shipped from Brazil abroad), lacks ports with the structure to receive the largest ships carrying containers. Seeing and being able to visit this project already in the implementation phase makes us very optimistic. The improvement in the conditions of the logistics infrastructure will certainly bring productivity gains not only for Espírito Santo, but for the entire Brazilian industry”, pointed out the president of Centrorochas, Tales Machado.

The president of Sindirochas, Ed Martins, recalled that the lack of maritime transport has an impact on the cost of businessmen. “Espírito Santo is the leading ornamental stone exporter and, in logistical terms, it is not competitive with other states. We always seek and encourage initiatives that improve the competitiveness of companies, we are looking forward to the start of operations of this new port terminal”, added Ed Martins, president of Sindirochas.

Strategic location

Located on ES 010, in the city of Aracruz in Espírito Santo, close to important consumer centers in the country, Imetame Porto Aracruz is 3 km from the Vitória a Minas Railroad – EFVM and will have a branch and a high productivity railway pear (the railway pears are mainly used in loading and/or unloading terminals, where the train arrives, loads and/or unloads and is already on its way without the need to perform maneuvers to change the formation of the train), in addition to the proximity to Vitória airport. The development has a privileged location, it is located within the SUDENE area and close to an area of 5 million m2 with a vocation for the implementation of a logistics and industrial platform.


Deep water port – 17m

Capacity – 1.6M TEUS Warehouse S

Total area – 1 million m²

Warehouse – 20 thousand m²

Private Port – Adm. Toilet

Licensed – 100%

Logistics Platform (Multimodal integration; SPA with 100% tax incentives; Tax benefits; Value-added services for shipowners and end customers)

Learn more: https://www.imetame.com.br/o-grupo/porto-aracruz/