It’s Natural will promote commercial promotion and global connections during the Vitoria Stone Fair

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The imminent opening of the Vitoria Stone Fair 2024 brings with it the expectation of a significant participation by It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone, an export incentive program developed by the Brazilian Center of Natural Stones Exporters (Centrorochas) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil). This year, the sectorial project will carry out strategic actions for commercial promotion and image, bringing 14 international guests to the most renowned natural stone fair in the Americas.


The program, which encompasses multifaceted strategies to promote the diversity and uniqueness of Brazilian stones, will have a dedicated booth for networking and commercial transactions. This space will not only welcome four renowned journalists from Italy, the United States, and Budapest but will also serve as a stage for business meetings between 10 foreign buyers and 30 Brazilian companies enrolled in the initiative. During the event, of more than 250 meetings of 30 minutes each are scheduled as part of the Business Round. This dynamic will provide selected companies with the opportunity to establish commercial relationships with potential clients from countries such as South Korea, Colombia, United States, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Vietnam.


According to Centrorochas President Tales Machado, this is a valuable opportunity for promoting Brazilian materials, expanding sectorial trade, and consolidating solid relationships. “In August 2023, in a similar action within the Exporta Mais Brasil program by ApexBrasil, supported by Centrorochas during the Cachoeiro Stone Fair, we witnessed extraordinary success. Nine international buyers actively participated in this initiative, and deals worth over R$ 15 million were closed. It was a significant milestone for the sector, as during that period, more than 150 meetings were held between these buyers and 24 stone companies,” he detailed.


During their one-week stay, the guests will immerse themselves in the natural stone sector. The journey will include a visit to a quarry, providing a detailed understanding of the material extraction process. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to comprehend the beneficiation process, exploring the technology used and the sector’s evolution in terms of sustainability, through visits to industries located in Vitória and Cachoeiro de Itapemirim. The program also includes exploration of tourist spots in Espírito Santo, enriching the understanding of the region and its cultural richness. Among the destinations scheduled for visits is a reception at the Neymara Carvalho Institute, a five-time world bodyboarding champion, a congo performance and an exhibition of handicrafts from Espírito Santo, promoting an enriching and diverse experience.


With unparalleled geological diversity, Brazil stands out as the 4th largest producer and the 5th largest exporter of natural stones in the world. Espírito Santo leads national exports, followed by Minas Gerais and Ceará, consolidating the country’s position in the international market. “The presence of these journalists and foreign buyers not only reinforces the importance of the Vitoria Stone Fair but also promotes Brazil’s image as a global leader in the natural stone sector, expanding horizons for new business opportunities and collaborations between international participants and Brazilian companies in the field,” Tales Machado concluded.


About It’s Natural – It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone is an export promotion program developed by the Brazilian Center for Ornamental Stone Exporters (Centrorochas) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion agency (ApexBrasil). The program, which currently supports 195 companies, aims to stimulate and increase the exports of Brazilian ornamental stones through a set of strategic internationalization actions, including promotion, image strengthening, and sectoral development in the global market. Over the past two years, the project has impacted more than 600 architects and designers across three continents: North America, Asia, and Europe. Companies interested in joining the project can access and register for free.


About Centrorochas – The Brazilian Center of Ornamental Stone Exporters is actively involved in all national efforts to enhance the competitiveness of the ornamental stone sector. The organization directly supports Brazilian entrepreneurs in their presence abroad, in conjunction with commercial and operational activities related to the development and advancement of Brazilian companies.


About ApexBrasil – Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency works towards promoting Brazilian products and services abroad and attracting foreign investments to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. To achieve these goals, the Agency executes a diverse range of commercial promotion initiatives aimed at promoting exports and showcasing Brazilian products and services abroad. This includes prospective and commercial missions, business rounds, support for the participation of Brazilian companies in major international trade shows, visits by foreign buyers and opinion leaders to explore the Brazilian production structure, among other business platforms with the objective of strengthening the Brazil brand.