Financial practices of stone exporters support consultation carried out in the sector

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  • 02 September 2020
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  • Financial practices of stone exporters support consultation carried out in the sector

A survey carried out by Centrorochas and Sindirochas heard about 24% of ornamental stone exporters from Espírito Santo. Check out the full version of the information collection at the link below.


The Brazilian Center of Dimension Stone Exporters (Centrorochas) and Sindirochas (Union of Dimension Stone, Lime and Limestone Industries of the State of Espírito Santo) carried out a survey among exporting companies in the sector. The consultation was carried out between the 17th and 20th of August and had the participation of 77 exporters, representing 23.8% of the total of 324 companies from Espírito Santo that exported ornamental stones in 2019, identified from the register of national exporters in the in that year, released by the Ministry of Economy


The collection of information showed that, in total, 31% of the participants take out an insurance contract for credits receivable from exports, and by segmenting this procedure by annual range of exports, a significant variation can be observed. In companies with exports of up to US$ 500,000, there was an indication that the credit coverage percentage is 7%, reaching 45% for those that export between US$ 10 million and US$ 50 million.

Regarding the use or not of exchange anticipation contracts, 58% of the participants informed that they enter into such contracts. The ACC (contracts in which exports will still be carried out) was the predominant modality, being indicated by 62% of the companies that only adopt a type of advance contract, and this participation reaches 84% when considering those that work only with ACC and those operating the ACC and ACE modalities (contracts in which the goods have already been shipped).


Click here to see the full consultation.