ES releases BRL 214 million for the reconstruction of cities affected by the rains and disaster prevention

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  • 06 February 2020
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  • ES releases BRL 214 million for the reconstruction of cities affected by the rains and disaster prevention

The president of Centrorochas, Frederico Robison, and Sindirochas, Tales Machado, participated this Tuesday, February 4th, in the ceremony that marked the release of R$ 214 million for the municipalities of Espírito Santo affected by the heavy rains in January for the beginning of reconstruction work and for the adoption of disaster prevention measures.

The announcement was made by Governor Renato Casagrande, at the Anchieta Palace. More than 60 mayors, state deputies and leaders of the cities covered were present. Executive Celmo de Freitas was also present.

R$ 100 million will be allocated for the execution of works in the 22 municipalities of Espírito Santo that have been declared a State of Public Calamity or Emergency Situation. The resource will include interventions, such as the reconstruction of bridges and containments. The funds come from the budget of the Department of Buildings and Highways (DER-ES). The CITIES Fund will allocate R$ 72 million to reconstruction and disaster prevention actions, while the State Civil Defense and Protection Fund (Funpdec) will receive R$ 25 million to implement more preventive actions. In addition, municipalities will also receive R$ 17 million via the State Social Assistance Fund (FEAS).

In his speech, Governor Casagrande thanked the Federal Government and the people of Espírito Santo for all the demonstrations of solidarity since the disaster occurred. “Our people have shown incredible solidarity in a time of such sadness. The mutirão we did in Iconha was the highlight”, he mentioned, referring to the action that brought together hundreds of volunteers – civilians and military – to clean the streets and structures affected by the rains on the last 25th.

In time, several companies from the southern region of Espírito Santo mobilized, among them, representatives of the ornamental stone sector who provided machinery, tools and labor to help clean up and recover the affected cities. In addition, Rochativa, Sicoob Credirochas, Centrorochas and Sindirochas started a campaign on social media, “SOS Sul do ES”, to collect funds as a way to contribute with measures to support those affected by the rains. The campaign is still open! Anyone wishing to contribute can deposit any amount into the account below:

Sicoob: 756 I Agency: 3260 I CC: 31.961-9

Rochativa – Ass. Activation Social Sector Rochas Orn ES

CNPJ: 08.906.191/0001-67

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