Debate on the User Guide highlights the importance of the document for the Brazilian stone sector

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  • Debate on the User Guide highlights the importance of the document for the Brazilian stone sector

At the invitation of Insight Educação Executivo, the president of Centrorochas, Tales Machado, participated in the chat about the User Guide, alongside the director of the National Mining Agency (ANM), Guilherme Gomes, on Wednesday, October 13th.

With a live broadcast on Youtube and mediated by Sônia Greco, the event addressed the importance of the document for the private sector, mainly for the stone sector, the current status of the applicable regulations, the reflections of ANM Resolution 37/2020 in everyday life practices of mining enterprises and the internal understandings standardized in the ANM.

“If it weren’t for GU, Brazil wouldn’t be the 5th largest producer and exporter of ornamental stones. There have been great advances, but the adopted model needs to evolve”, explained Tales Machado during his participation. “The mismatch between the only renewal of the GU and the issuance of the mining concession could lead to a collapse in the ornamental stone sector. The main bottlenecks of the national productive arrangement are the limitation of only one renewal of the permit and the fact that there is no deadline for responding to the document’s application”, he detailed.

The director of ANM highlighted that “different procedures are needed for different production scales and not for types of products”, he stressed. Guilherme Santana also warned that the states of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo could see their processes blocked due to a paragraph in article 24. “This text, which determines the issuance of only two User Guides, will block the processes in Minas and Espírito Santo. This correction is not the responsibility of the agency, if it were, we would have already resolved it.”, he asked.


The event had the active participation of viewers via chat. Among the participants was the director of ANM, Débora Tocci. Click here and review the webinar: