Cetem presents Centrorochas with ongoing technological studies in ES

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The geologist from the Mineral Technology Center (Cetem), Leonardo Luiz Lyrio da Silveira, was at Centrorochas headquarters, in Vitória, on Wednesday, October 2nd, when he made an institutional presentation of the technological research body, in particular the projects in progress at the Espírito Santo Regional Center (NR-ES), where it operates. The superintendent of Centrorochas, Alessandra Bertolani, technical advisors Camila D’Ávila and Lucca Kascher, as well as the teacher of Ifes Campus Vila Velha, Alice Duarte, participated in the meeting.

Cetem is a national research institute, linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. The NR-ES in Cachoeiro do Itapemirim aims to develop technological research and offer technical services of interest to the mineral sector of the State, mainly, with emphasis on its regional vocation as the largest producer and exporter of marble, granite and other Brazilian ornamental stones.

Since its inception, the center has been dedicated to technological development in areas related to mineral technology. Among the lines of research followed are:

– Treatment and Use of Ornamental Stone Waste.

– Technological properties of dimension stones and alterability studies.

– Studies of improvements in processing processes and development of inputs.

Main ongoing projects:

– Project for the use of residues from the production of ornamental rocks in agriculture;

– Project related to the technological characteristics of dimension stones and the establishment of a performance classification for users;

– Design of the Life Cycle of ornamental rocks.

– Study on rock polishing, test with castor oil based abrasive (ecological abrasive) and rice husk ash.

– Development of a digital application applied to the productive sector