Centrorochas supports the exchange of information between Sindirochas and the Baiano Sustainable Development Consortium

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At the invitation of the Consórcio de Desenvolvimento Sustentável do Território Bacia do Paramirim, the president of Sindirochas, Ed Martins, and the president of Centrorochas, Tales Machado, received some mayors and representatives of the 14 municipalities that make up the public association. The meeting, held on 05/10, at Findes, in Vitória, was a moment for exchanging experiences, as the group seeks to leverage, in a sustainable way, the mining activity in the region.

At the opening, the leader of the capixaba employers’ union congratulated the members for their initiative to seek rapprochement with the productive sector as a way of obtaining information directly from businessmen. “This approximation is very important, mainly because you are looking for this exchange to act in a legal and sustainable way. Sindirochas does not agree and repudiates any irregular behavior by companies and having this clear from the beginning is very important. I am sure that the whole region can only gain. To give you an idea, the stone sector generates around 25,000 direct jobs and 100,000 indirect jobs in Espírito Santo. I’m saying this so you can have an idea of the positive impact that this development can have on the municipalities in the consortium,” he said.

With a mineral vocation, the 14 municipalities that make up the consortium exported together US$ 20,428,078, from 2016 to 2021 (not considering the volume moved to other states and locations in order to also serve the domestic and foreign market). At the meeting, the president of Centrorochas, Tales Machado, addressed the importance of the debate. “The entity is available to contribute as much as possible to the development of the sector in the region and throughout Brazil. Our sector is a strong generator of jobs and carries with it a huge responsibility, which is why we fight any illegality. We don’t give up on that. And you are to be congratulated for seeking the right path for this growth”, he highlighted.

Responsible for mediating between the Consortium and entities in the ornamental stone sector, lawyer Arthur Vargas explained that the group, formed by needy municipalities, seeks development for the region. “When we start to develop an activity in the right way, we get more out of it. Municipalities have a mineral vocation and are concerned with growing in the right way”, he reinforced.

For the consortium’s environmental manager, Leonardo Costa, in the future this meeting will be remembered as a historic moment for regional development. “Mining is the way we have to develop our region. We need to differentiate the best practices to develop this activity in the best way. We are here today with actors with different visions, but with a single objective, to bring benefits to our meeting and to the mineral mineral sector in the country”, he said.

The Paramirim Basin Consortium is formed by the Bahian municipalities: Boquira, Botuporã, Caturama, Dom Basílio, Érico Cardoso, Ibipitanga, Itaguaçu, Jussiape, Livramento de Nossa Senhora, Macaúbas, Novo Horizonte, Oliveira dos Brejinhos, Paramirim and Rio do Pires.