Centrorochas supports Rochativa’s action to collect basic food baskets

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With the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the stoppage of various activities and the high unemployment rate, several people have been facing a daily struggle: to satisfy hunger. Of the side effects of the health crisis, this is the most serious, because food is essential for survival. Aware of this need, Rochativa, an association of social activities in the ornamental stone sector of Espírito Santo, started a campaign to collect basic food baskets.

The movement “Against hunger, together we are stronger” has the support of Centrorochas (Brazilian Center for Dimension Stone Exporters), Sindirochas (Union of Dimension Stone, Lime and Limestone Industries of the State of Espírito Santo) and Cetemag (Technological Center Marble and Granite). The initial objective is to collect 2,000 basic food baskets to serve families in vulnerable situations, mapped in the three industrial centers of the stone sector in Espírito Santo: south, center and northwest.

According to the president of Rochativa, Valdecyr Viguini, the campaign plans to reach everyone, with distribution proportional to each region. “The situation is very serious. We count on the support of all capixabas, businessmen and individuals, so that we can reach the goal as quickly as possible. Those who are hungry cannot wait!”, he warns.

“Rochativa is taking this action to serve needy people and for those who did not have the same opportunity, in this moment of pandemic, to continue working as we do”, reinforces the president of Centrorochas, Frederico Robison.

“We want to involve the entire stone sector so that we can run a beautiful campaign and help those in need”, adds the president of Sindirochas, Tales Machado.

Together, Rochativa, Sindirochas, Cetemag and Centrorochas have been collecting and donating food baskets since last year. In 2020, the campaign received 3,000 basic food baskets that served around 500 families in eight municipalities in Espírito Santo.

how to donate

Visit the campaign website www.contrafome.com.br to make your donation. All amount raised will be reversed in the purchase of basic baskets.