Centrorochas participates in a meeting with the Consul General of Italy

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The executive director of Centrorochas e Sindirochas, Celmo de Freitas, the general manager of the national entity, Giovanni Francischetto, and the relationship manager, Fabíola Gonçalves, participated in the meeting held at the Federation of Industries of Espírito Santo (Findes), this Thursday (08 /12) due to the first visit of the Consul General of Italy, Massimiliano Iacchini, to the State.

On the agenda, the head of the consulate sought knowledge of the potential for expanding commercial relationships, having sought Centrorochas and Sindirochas as representatives of the ornamental stone sector, given the relevance of the representativeness of Brazil and Espírito Santo in the world sector of ornamental rocks. The State of Espírito Santo is the largest exporter in the country, being responsible for about 83% of all ornamental stone exported by the country. The highlight of the land of moqueca is not limited to the types of materials, but to the entire production chain that operates from extraction to commercialization of the product.

The meeting was also attended by the Vice-Consul Flavio Cenciarelli, the Honorary Consul of Italy in Espírito Santo, Roger Gaggiatto, as well as representatives of the Committee of Italians Abroad. The CEO of Milanez and Milaneze, Flávia Milaneze, also participated in the agenda that addressed opportunities related to events involving the ornamental segment.