Centrorochas is part of the Brazilian delegation in the technical committee for standardization of rocks in the international market

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Accumulating revenues of around US$ 1 billion in exports last year, the Brazilian stone sector seeks standardization of requirements and testing methods for its products.

In a globalized world, like the current one, the standardization of business standards is an extremely important factor. The Brazilian ornamental stone sector, which for decades has gone beyond the country’s borders, sending its products to the five continents, has become the focus of a technical committee developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO): CT Natural Stones. Present in 164 countries, ISO is represented in each of them by a National Standardization Organism, in the case of Brazil, it is ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards).

Associated with ABNT and national representative of companies exporting ornamental stones, the Brazilian Center for Ornamental Stones Exporters (Centrorochas) is part of the Brazilian Delegation in the Technical Committee for the Standardization of Natural Stones, through CEE-187 (Special Commission for Ornamental Stones of Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas – ABNT) and acts as a participating member, where it acts as a contributor to the working groups of this commission and has the right to vote in the decisions to be taken. CEE-187/ABNT aims to specify terminology, requirements, test methods and generalities about dimension stones.

First meeting brought together members from several countries

This Thursday, January 14, the first meeting of the Natural Stones group (CT 327 – Natural Rocks) took place, formed by 13 members, from 10 different countries, and 9 observer members. The superintendent of Centrorochas, Alessandra Bertolani, represented the entity at the virtual meeting, which also included the participation of other members of the Brazilian delegation. Among them, the head of the national delegation, Nuria Fernández Castro, Abiliane Andrade Pazeto and Mônica Castoldi Borlini (CETEM); Carlos Rubens de Alencar (Head Participações and president of Simagran-CE); Eduardo Lima (ABNT); Maria Heloisa Frascá (MHB Geological Services) and Eduardo Brandau Quitete (IPT).

The Natural Stones group’s scope is the definitions, requirements and testing methods for natural stones related to raw blocks, slabs, semi-finished and finished products intended for use in construction and monuments.

Secretariat: American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Committee Manager: Mr. Jason Knopes

President (until the end of 2025): Mr. Chuck Muehlbauer

ISO Technical Program Manager (TPM): Dr. Anna Caterina Rossi

ISO Publishing Program Manager (EPM): Mme Mercè Ferrés Hernández

Creation date: 2020

composite materials

ISO also created the Engineered Stones Technical Committee (CT 328 – Artificial Rocks), in which Centrorochas also occupies a seat. Focused on monitoring discussions to safeguard and protect the use of natural rocks, the entity acts as an observer of the commission’s work. The meeting of this committee, which is made up of participants from 7 countries, took place in December and was attended by the vice-president of Centrorochas, Fabio Cruz.

The group is scoped to definitions, requirements and test methods for engineered stone with resin or cement binders or a combination of the two, intended for use in countertops and vanities, floor and wall coverings, auxiliary uses, for interior and exterior .


Founded in 2004, in Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, the largest producer and exporter of ornamental stones in Brazil, Centrorochas acts directly in the procedures related to the presence of Brazilian businessmen abroad, as well as the international visibility of national products in the international market. , combined with commercial and operational activities related to the development of the stone sector in the Brazilian market.

According to Alessandra Bertolani, the entity’s direct involvement in the ABNT Special Commission on Ornamental Stones contributes to the competitiveness of companies in the world market. “The association works directly with Brazilian stone exporters and closely monitors their relationship with almost all cultures, living in different socioeconomic scenarios on a daily basis. Standardization is an essential element, as it will create equal opportunities for different people, with different cultures, beliefs, habits and languages”, he highlighted.