Centrorochas has its accounts approved at the General Meeting

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March 29 was marked by two important agendas for Centrorochas: the entity’s Council meeting and the Ordinary General Assembly (AGO). The main theme of the two meetings was the presentation of the accounts for the year 2022 and the presentation of the budget for 2023. The statements of accounts/2022 and budget proposal/2023 obtained a favorable opinion from the Board and were approved by the Ordinary General Meeting, in accordance with the established rite in the bylaws of the entity

Led by the president of the entity, Tales Machado, the Board meeting also included a debate on topics relevant to the development of the Brazilian ornamental stone sector, such as cost reduction per container, according to a table published by Vports -Port Authority. The entity’s guidance is for companies, proactively, requesting shipowners and agents to pass on the discount established by the new Vports table, which, by ANTAQ measure, will only come into force from 05/17/23.

The Drawback theme was also on the agenda. The board reported on issues being addressed on the subject (exceptional extension of deadlines for concession acts and analysis criteria for proving them). On that occasion, it was informed that, in a letter received on 03/28/23, signed by the Director of Foreign Trade Operations, of the Ministry of Development, the entity was notified of the inexistence, at this moment, of conditions that allow the granting of extraordinary deadlines for the fulfillment of concessionary acts. The issue remains on the agenda and Centrorochas, together with partner entities, will still seek to reverse this situation, warning, however, that companies are aware of the deadlines established in their concession acts.