Centrorochas follows Sinrochas-MG meeting

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Recently elected as president of Centrorochas, Tales Machado, accompanied by vice president, Fabio Cruz, participated in the extraordinary meeting organized by Sinrochas-MG on Thursday, July 8th. According to an invitation sent by the president of the Minas Gerais entity, Eduardo Félix, the meeting aimed to discuss the facts regarding the inconsistent handling, by Abirochas, of the budget for the sectorial project, carried out by the entity until the end of last year.

In addition to the members and board of directors of the Minas Gerais employers’ union, leaders of the country’s main entities participated in the meeting, such as Sindirochas, represented by Tales Machado (who will remain at the head of the entity until August), and businessmen from the sector distributed in several states of the country.