Centrorochas Council approves 2019 balance sheet and 2020 budget

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Due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the Ordinary General Meeting (AGO) to present the 2019 budget balance and forecast for 2020 of Centrorochas took place this Friday, August 7, via videoconference. The monthly meeting of the entity’s Management Board was also held on the occasion.

The meeting was led by the president of the association, Frederico Robison, and by the superintendent, Alessandra Bertolani, and had the active participation of the vice president, Fábio Cruz, and other board members.

On the occasion, the directors discussed various topics, among them, the active participation of the sector in the preparation of standards by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), related to the segment. Recently, Centrorochas joined ABNT. The entity, along with Sindirochas, is part of the Commission for the Special Study of Ornamental Stones (CEE) that studies the ISO international standardization process for the sector. Both entities have an active voice in two technical committees, ISO/TC 327 and ISO/TC 328. The CEE is coordinated by the president of Simagran-CE, Carlos Rubens.

During the AGO, details of the 2019 balance sheet and budget forecast for 2020 were presented. Following all accounting standards and in accordance with its bylaws, Centrorochas had its accounts unanimously approved by the board members.