CE, ES and MG: the three largest stone exporters in the country form a partnership to strengthen the sector

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  • 16 December 2019
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  • CE, ES and MG: the three largest stone exporters in the country form a partnership to strengthen the sector

Together, the three states are responsible for around 95% of ornamental stone exports from Brazil

The main representative entities of the dimension stone sector in the country: Centrorochas (Brazilian Center of Ornamental Stones Exporters), Simagran-CE (Union of Marble and Granite Industries of the State of Ceará), Sindirochas-ES (Union of Dimension Stone Industries , Lime and Limestone from the State of Espírito Santo) and Sinrochas-MG (Intermunicipal Union of Marble, Granite and Ornamental Stone Processing Industries in the State of Minas Gerais); have just announced a commitment signed between them to work together to strengthen the segment in the country.

Together, the three states, Ceará, Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais, are responsible for around 95% of ornamental stone exports from Brazil. From January to November of this year, they handled more than US$ 795 million in revenue. The partnership represents a protocol of intentions creating a positive agenda to be carried out over the next year, with technical support from the four institutions.

The signed agreement aims to strengthen the representativeness of the Brazilian ornamental stone sector. “In addition to taking our needs and demands more forcefully to government agencies, we will gain synergy in the search for opening new markets, which is the great challenge for Brazilian businessmen”, says the president of Sindirochas-ES, Tales Machado. The objective was to build a strong group with even greater representation, which would make it possible to take advantage of synergies and expand the political and social role of the national stone sector. “This partnership appears to give more institutional strength to the ornamental stone chain in Brazil”, completes Tales.

Frederico Robison, president of Centrorochas, draws attention to the representativeness of the group. “We are sure that, with this partnership, our sector will become even stronger, as all of us as entities are imbued with a single objective and in pursuit of growth, training and recognition of the market where our representativeness will expand both in Brazil and abroad. ”, he says.

According to Balbino Figueiredo, president of Sinrochas-MG, the agreement will enhance the synergies that already exist in the four entities and will bring the business community even closer to important debates and projects for the growth of the sector as a whole. “There is no better path than working in partnership towards a common goal. Our proposal is to make the sector even more firm, united and consistent to fight for the representativeness of the whole arrangement”, he says.

The President of Simagran-CE, Carlos Rubens, draws attention to the point of convergence between the partner entities. “There are many points in common in the institutional agenda of the four entities and there are many joint opportunities to be explored, which should generate gains for the entire stone production chain. I also defend that the sector in Brazil is aimless. It is time to build an agenda for the segment involving planning, a strategic map and an action plan”, he adds.

Main exporting states (November-2019 data)

Holy Spirit – 82.3%

Minas Gerais – 12.4%

Ceará – 1.4%

Main destinations of Brazilian exports (November 2019 data)

United States – 59.3%

China – 11.1%

Italy – 5.4%