Brazil’s geological wealth provides the ornamental stone sector with a unique diversity of products

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On the 3rd episode of the Stone Summit, guests praised the beauty and variety of Brazilian natural materials. The event also discussed the opportunities and challenges of the domestic ornamental stone market.


From a studio set up at Magban, located in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, the Stone Summit was broadcast throughout Brazil. The third episode of the series of lives in the stone sector brought together a team of professionals with different businesses and services in the production chain to discuss the Brazilian ornamental market.

The president of Sindirochas, Tales Machado, and the director of Milanez & Milaneze, Flavia Milaneze, conducted the chat with the guests: Renata Malenza (Brasigran), Valdecyr Viguini (Cajugram), Tiago Calvi (CS3 Revestimentos) and Ricardo Estuqui ( Nobile Marmo).

Known for its exceptional geodiversity, Brazil has more than 1,200 varieties of ornamental rocks in estimated numbers of the sector. Entrepreneur Valdecyr Viguini believes that “the wide variety of materials from Brazil combined with digital technology brought dynamism and great opportunities to the entire production chain. My fans are for this chance to be taken advantage of by the players in order to provide greater sustainability for the sector”, he reinforced.

And this is not an easy task. Sales supervisor Tiago Calvi believes that there is homework to be done. “I understand that the sector today is still in selling mode, it doesn’t make a constructive sale, promoting the product. This has meant that most ornamental stones are used inappropriately. We have to start publicizing the benefits more, with this strength of knowledge I believe the sector will make the leap it needs.”, he points out.

Added to this, businesswoman Renata Malenza added that the segment has to take advantage of the new customer profile. “In recent months, consumers have changed their way of buying, starting to value national products, buying closer to home and becoming more demanding. This is very good, as we are always fighting for the dissemination of Brazilian stone and this is the moment to work with the right tools to increase sales of national products”.

Representing the base of the chain, the marble factories, Ricardo Estuqui recalled the importance of work focused on specifiers. “We need to show the story that our product has. Strengthen marketing, based on knowledge and providing a ‘top-down’ condition for us to work. In this way, we will be able to change this reality”.

At the end of the event, Tales Machado reinforced the importance of everyone’s union to leverage the sector. “Two points mentioned by the guests sum up well what every chain of rocks needs: to believe and work together. The hardest thing we already have, which is the Brazilian geological diversity. No country in the world has this!”, he concluded.

VIP room

One hundred Stone Summit participants had the opportunity to participate in a VIP room with the CEO of Nobile Marmo, Ricardo Estuqui, who spoke about digital marketing for the domestic stone market. In addition to the extra content, they also won a 20% discount coupon for courses on the Rochas na Arquitetura portal (, the largest community of marble workers in Brazil.

About Stone Summit

The project was born with the aim of connecting opportunities and sharing important information and data from the ornamental stone market. The Stone Summit is an initiative of Milanez & Milaneze, organizers of Vitoria and Cachoeiro Stone Fair, together with the sector entities Sindirochas and Centrorochas and has the support of Cetemag, Rochativa, Simagran CE, SinRochas MG and Rochas Magazine. The third episode was sponsored by Bandes and Sicoob Credirochas.


Click here and check out the full video of episode 3 of the Stone Summit.