Brazilian stone sector inaugurates a new phase with the launch of the It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone project

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Diversity, quality and sustainability. These are some of the differentials of ornamental stones in Brazil that are gaining prominence in the new phase inaugurated by the national segment. This Tuesday, July 6th, the sectoral project It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone, the result of a partnership between the Brazilian Center for Ornamental Stones Exporters (Centrorochas) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) was the subject of the premiere episode of the second season of Stone Summit.

Broadcast live on Youtube and with viewers across the country, the event highlighted the objectives of the agreement, target markets, the agenda for proposed improvements, among other subjects. From a studio set up at TVV – Vila Velha Port Terminal, managed and operated by Log-In Logística Intermodal, the newly elected president of Centrorochas, Tales Machado, and vice president, Fabio Cruz, mediated the topic alongside the CEO by Milanez & Milaneze, Flávia Milaneze.

The leaders of the national sectoral entity reinforced the importance of the moment and the joint work developed with the full support of businessmen. “The role of Centrorochas has been quite challenging. This chapter that begins to be written with the beginning of the sectoral project was established three years ago and intensified in the last 12 months”, detailed Fabio. “There’s a lot to be done, but we count on the primordial thing, which is the alignment with businessmen and sectoral entities for the common good of the entire national segment”, completed Tales.

The debate on the actions of the sectoral project was enriched with the remote participation of businessmen and members of the management committee of the agreement signed between Centrorochas and Apex-Brasil: David Silveira (Granos), Gustavo Probst (Decolores) and Renan Catelan (Cattegran). With different performance profiles, they contributed with practical arguments from those who have experience both in the foreign and domestic markets. The first two focused on the sector’s presence in the international market, reinforcing the importance of defining the target countries established by the project. Renan, on the other hand, scored and represented the share of companies that still do not export and can also be supported by the sectoral agreement. “I still don’t export, but I’m very happy with this whole union for the good of the sector. It’s good to be part of this project and be able to be accompanied in this new challenge, which is to export, from the beginning of the process”, he said.

The director of Revista Rochas deQualidade, Felipe Vampré, and the manager of the sectoral project, Rogério Ribeiro, also participated remotely and pointed out key actions of It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone. “We have to provide international specifiers with technical information. A very important action is to educate distributors, marble workers and architects so that they know the type of product they are dealing with”, emphasized Felipe. “This week, from the 7th to the 9th of July, our first action takes place, at Coverings 2021. We had little time between the signing of the agreement and the start of the fair, but we couldn’t be left out. The absence of Brazil in this event would bring very bad consequences for the future performance of the segment in this and other markets”, added Rogério.

Rewatch the premiere episode of Stone Summit by clicking here: This edition was sponsored by Pedrini, Macroex and Sicoob.

for all Brazil

Open to the participation of all companies in the ornamental stone segment in Brazil, exporters or those with the objective of exporting, It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone aims to increase exports of Brazilian ornamental stones, through a set of strategic actions of internationalization with promotion actions, strengthening the image and development of the sector in the world market. Over the 2021-2023 biennium, the project will be supported by four pillars:

·         stimulate the development of companies in the sector;

·         raise awareness of the demand for the diversity of rocks in Brazil;

·         promote the expansion of markets and the deconcentration of exports;

·         promote the sector’s image among architects and designers.

Preparatory seminars by market, workshops, trade missions, individualized support to participating companies, trade promotion at international fairs, transactional marketing activities, in addition to the Imagem projects (which bring journalists and specialists to Brazil to participate in fairs and/or national events) are foreseen. sectors) and Buyer (which seeks to identify and bring to Brazil distributors, agents and inspectors who have the potential to import and are interested in Brazilian dimension stones).

How to be a company supported by the Sectorial Project?

To join the It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone project, which will accompany your company in the international market, just follow these two steps:

1.       Fill out the pro membership form

sectorial form (after completing and signing, send the scanned document via e-mail and send the original via Post Office, to Centrorochas headquarters – Av. Nossa Senhora da Penha, 1.495, Ed. Corporate Center – Sala 1204, Torre A – Santa Lucia – Vitória – ES – 29.056-905).

2. Respond to the targeting survey. This process is essential for the company to comply with the levels established in the partnership signed with Apex-Brasil.

And then?

After completing the two initial stages, free of charge, the company will begin to be closely monitored by the sectorial project team. The program contemplates a series of actions and they will be indicated in a personalized way. To find out more about It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone, talk to Centrorochas relationship manager, Alessandra Bertolani ( / 27 99983-5125)

About Centrorochas

The Centro Brasileiro dos Exportadores de Pedras Ornamentais acts directly in the procedures related to the presence of Brazilian businessmen abroad combined with commercial and operational activities related to the development and evolution of Brazilian companies.

About Apex-Brasil

Apex-Brasil acts to promote Brazilian products and services abroad and attract foreign investment to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. To achieve these goals, the Agency carries out diversified trade promotion actions aimed at promoting exports and valuing Brazilian products and services abroad, such as prospective and trade missions, business roundtables, support for the participation of Brazilian companies in major international fairs, visits of foreign buyers and opinion makers to get to know the Brazilian production structure, among other business platforms that also aim to strengthen the Brazil brand.