Brazilian ornamental stone sector seeks new positioning in the international market

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Information was given during the digital panel about Brazil during the Marmomac Restart.


The Stone Summit, a project created with the aim of connecting the productive arrangement of ornamental stones, reached a new level this Wednesday, September 30th. A special edition was broadcast on the digital platform that hosts Marmomac 2020. The fair, which is a world leader in the segment, has adapted to the “new normal” and the changes that the last few months have generated and holds, until October 2nd, the Marmomac Restart in 100% digital format.

The panel “The Brazilian ornamental stone sector” was coordinated by the vice-president of the Brazilian Center for Dimension Stone Exporters (Centrorochas), Fabio Cruz. Representatives of three major national companies were invited to the debate: the commercial director of Gramazini, Matt Vigna, the commercial director of Decolores, Gustavo Probst, and the commercial director of Magban, Gonsalo Machado. And it was in the official language of the event (English) that they carried out an analysis of the ornamental stone market, addressing the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the recovery projections for the sector.

Very dynamic and with the sharing of ideas and examples, the panelists pointed out lessons learned from the global health crisis, such as learning to do more with less, the work in the search and conquest of new markets, mainly working in partnership with local influencers and the actions carried out in partnership with other companies for the benefit of the sector as a whole. This process continues, as highlighted, and has gained strength with the work of entities such as Centrorochas and the Union of Industries of the Ornamental Stones, Lime and Limestone Sector of Espírito Santo (Sindirochas), the largest employers’ union in the country.

The diversity and beauty of Brazilian rocks could not, and did not, be left out of the debate. The country exports its products to the five continents and has more than 1,200 varieties of materials. Alone, Espírito Santo is responsible for around 82% of Brazilian exports and 40% of all national production.

Want to review the live in its entirety? Stay tuned to the Stone Summit YouTube channel. It will be posted there shortly.