Announcement: Marmomac 2021 and 2022 realization

Dear Associates and companies in the sector,

Apex-Brasil, considering the beneficial approximation and frank dialogue with the ornamental stone sector, adopted the strategy of directly carrying out actions aimed at the participation of Brazilian companies in Marmomac 2021. Thus, in line with the Agency’s strategic decision Brazilian Association for the Promotion of Exports and Investments, we highlight the importance of interested companies communicating their interest in participating, through the channel provided by Apex-Brasil, being aware of the guidelines set out in the regulation for participation in the 2021 edition, released this week.

marmomac 2021

Date: September 29th to October 2nd

Location: Viale del Lavoro 8 – 37135 Verona, Italy

To participate: Interested companies must complete the expression of interest sent by Apex-Brasil through the link

Questions: (61) 2027-0202 I

We reaffirm our commitment as representatives of companies on the national scene. We remain tireless in the process of strengthening the segment and adopting the necessary structuring measures for the evolution of the entire production chain.

We are available to assist with any queries that may arise.

Yours sincerely,