Centrorochas holds a webinar on the global economic scenario

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On May 17th, a webinar entitled “Economic Scenario and Exchange Rate” brought important information about the global economic situation and its impacts on Brazil. The event, organized by Centrorochas, had the participation of investment specialist Eduardo Moutinho, an economist at Ebury, who presented the data and information. The meeting was attended by more than 50 participants, among them the president and vice president of the national entity of the stone sector, Tales Machado and Fabio Cruz.

During the webinar, Moutinho addressed the current economic scenario in Brazil, highlighting the interaction between global macroeconomic events and local political issues. In addition, he presented the economic scenarios of the United States, Europe, China.

Other points discussed were the importance of understanding how international changes can affect the exchange rate and, consequently, the international business of Brazilian companies. The occasion was also an opportunity to open a window for the discussion of the global economic perspective. With this, the participants better understood this scenario and how to prepare for the economic changes that may come.