ANM explains resolution regarding maximum areas for use by the stone sector during live with businessmen

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  • 18 November 2020
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  • ANM explains resolution regarding maximum areas for use by the stone sector during live with businessmen

In an event held by Centrorochas and Sindirochas, this Tuesday, the 17th, ANM directors explained about resolution nº 49/2020 that differentiates the limits of areas for use by the ornamental stone sector, according to the regime adopted, and detailed ongoing processes in the regulatory agency that should speed up the system.

All the work carried out by the ornamental stone sector in pursuit of compliance with Law No. 13,975, of January 7, 2020, which culminated in the publication of Resolution No. 49/2020, of 11/13/2020, were praised by the director of the Agency Nacional de Mining (ANM), Débora Toci, in the webinar held by Centrorochas e Sindirochas to discuss the achievement obtained by the segment that was published in the Official Gazette of the Union this week. “Your work was tireless, you fought until the end for what you believed in and it worked. This process of interaction between the sector and the agency is very important”, emphasized Débora.

Conducted by the main leaders of the Brazilian ornamental stone sector and with the active participation of the National Mining Agency (ANM), through its directors Débora Toci and Tasso Mendonça, and geologist Luís Mauro, the live also addressed the obstacles in the processes regulations, the internal challenges faced by the agency and the work that the collegiate board has been developing and which should speed up the system.

Representing the Brazilian dimension stone sector were the president of Centrorochas, Frederico Robison, the union presidents Tales Machado (Sindirochas-ES), Balbino Figueiredo (Sinrochas-MG), Carlos Rubens (Simagran-CE) and Armando Sousa (Sincocimo-RJ). , in addition to the lawyer specializing in environmental law, Victor Athayde, legal advisor to Sindirochas. Held virtually, the event also had the participation of the president of CNI’s Thematic Mining Council (COMIN), Sandro Mabel, federal deputies Evair de Melo and Josias da Vitória, the latter represented by his advisor Dionísio Balarini.

At the opening, the president of COMIN highlighted all the work carried out by the CNI council, in support of entities in the stone sector to speed up the process that resulted in the publication of the resolution. “The segment stood still for a long time and, today, we see that it has been moving. I am sure that the sector will take off in the coming years”, he stressed.

The president of Sinrochas-MG clarified that ‘the sector does not want subterfuges to mine, but ways of being able to work within the legislation and quickly to deal with all the competition in the market. Agility in processes reflects on competitiveness. We need the adjustment of regimes, when necessary, not to harm business, ”he warned.

The transparency in the performance of the ANM collegiate board was praised by all representatives of the stone sector during the live. Making issues public, receiving contributions and taking them into account were the differentials highlighted in the process celebrated with the publication of the resolution on 11/16/2020. “We demanded, we worked actively and the ANM reacted quickly”, reinforced the president of Sindirochas-ES.

In his speech, the federal deputy and leader of the Mixed Parliamentary Front in Defense of International Trade and Investment (FrenCOMEX), Evair de Melo, praised the agency’s conduct and reinforced the country’s need to act to reduce bureaucracy in the sectors. “This is one of the goals of the Federal Government. The protocols need to be objective and give more freedom to investors and entrepreneurs. You can count on my mandate. The stone sector is essential for the country”, he concluded.

In closing, the director of ANM reinforced that the agency is reviewing all procedures, at each stage of the processes that are being processed by the Agency. “We are in the systems implementation phase, we are going to remove unnecessary questions, this will contribute to the agility of the processes. We are still automating some steps to speed things up”, he pointed out and added that the sector should continue to work actively with the agency. “Soon we will publish a new subsidy take. Just as it was now, your contribution is essential ”, she concluded.

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